I've seen things you capsuleers wouldn't believe. Megathrons on fire in 6VDT. I watched Beam Lasers glitter in the dark near the EVE-Gate. I left it all behind to live in our glorious space hell known as Pochven. I've been in New Eden a long time and made many friends, enemies, and frenemies over the years. I love this game and I love where it's gone in the last decade.

I started off knowing nothing about the game and having no friends that played it. I just wanted to try out a cool space game and EVE seemed like the best thing at the time. Back then there was no new player experience, no direction, and asteroids looked like blobs of grey clay. It was incredibly hard, cutthroat, and unforgiving. I loved it.

I went through a bunch of corporations, tried different aspects of EVE, and made some serious mistakes with my character progression. I was so interested in the idea of Invention that I invested a ton of skillpoints into Science for months before finding out I needed a control tower to do anything with them. When I realized what I'd done it was too late so I started training into more combat oriented skills.

After that I got into Frigate PVP and started learning the games combat mechanics. I met people, gained friends, made enemies, and started really enjoying the game. Farming DED sites in a frigate all day was super fun and low risk because the ISK value of a loss was super low. These were very fun times and I think this is where I got really hooked.

From there I got more into leadership spots. Did some FCing, mining director for a while, helped run some corp operations with a friend. This was fun for a bit but I started to get this itch I couldn't scratch. I wanted something bigger. Null was calling. The huge battles. The insane scope of it all.

I was an old SA forum nerd so naturally I applied to Goonswarm. I flew in the Fountain war and had a ton of fun. Outside of the wars things slowed down and eventually grew stale. I came back a few times, tried new things in Goon, and eventually won EVE for a while. Nullsec can be incredibly boring when there isn't a major conflict to be a part of.

Hilariously what brought me back to EVE was an ad on a website. The Triglavian invasion was being advertised as the next big thing in EVE. I went to Reddit and saw how pissed off people were about the disruption it added to the game. I checked the forums and saw people were really getting into the faction RP aspect of Triglavian vs EDENCOM. I loved it. I had a reason to come back.

I started off as a linemember in Kybernauts. My first fleet was with a guy screaming EXTIRPATE into his mic over and over. It was nuts but I loved it just the same. It wasn't long until I was FCing the content and helping solve the invasion mechanics. I quickly rose to notoreity and challenged leadership within the faction. I left and formed Stribog Clade which became the most powerful Triglavian force in the game. When we showed up, stars fell. Niarja fell. We changed New Eden together.

CCP created a really incredible thing with The Triglavian Invasion. Players from all walks of life in EVE tried things they've never done before. Miners that hadn't left a belt in 10 years got their first null kill as we tore stars into Final Liminality. New players threw themselves headfirst into danger and came out bloodthirsty and loving the game as a result. It disrupted the standard and caused change for everyone leading to new strategies, friendships, and rivalries. I dedicated my time to building Stribog Clade and I couldn't be happier with the result.